The 11 Best Tools for Productive Booking Agents: Streamline Your Agency Operations

published on
July 25, 2023

The success of a booking agency largely depends on the tools they employ to manage their workflow and communication.

The success of a booking agency largely depends on the tools they use to manage their workflow and communication. These tools not only streamline the operational process but also help provide high-quality services to artists and clients. We've compiled a list of the best booking tools for booking agencies that can help automate and streamline your booking agency.

Booking Operation and Automation Tools


Your Comprehensive Booking Solution

Gigwell is a comprehensive artist booking platform that goes beyond the basic functionalities of scheduling and contracts. It provides an all-in-one solution to manage the entire booking process—from initial contact to the final payment.

Gigwell simplifies contract generation, contacts, online payments, calendars, billing, and logistics with its advanced features. It helps avoid communication mishaps and contract disputes, ensuring smooth operations. Moreover, its analytics features provide crucial insights into growth  and revenue, helping agencies make data-driven decisions. Gigwell streamlines booking operations in one central, cloud-based platform that takes the chaos out of booking.

Gigwell's Productivity Suite


Automate all your separate tools

Zapier lets you connect your tools with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most—no code required. Think of Zapier as the key to connect and automate all your separate tools. For example, you can automatically add concert info from Songkick to a Google cal event, or you can add Spotify artist info to a Google spreadsheet, or get slack channel notifications for new website form submissions. The possibilities are endless.

Zapier automates your tools and allows them to work together

Artist Tracking Tools


Identify potential opportunities

Songkick isn't just for fans looking to catch their favorite artist's next gig; it's an equally valuable tool for booking agents. Songkick provides up-to-date data on trending artists and live events, which can help agents identify potential opportunities for their artists.

Moreover, by integrating Songkick with your artist's digital profiles, you can ensure that fans always have the latest information about upcoming shows, enhancing the artist's reach and improving ticket sales.

Songkick Tourbox helps organize tours and connects artists with music fans who are eager to attend concerts. Through integrations with social media and streaming services, it helps spread the word about upcoming events, and the real-time analytics let agencies know how things are going. Fans can even track their favorite artists and get alerts about concerts, creating a closer connection between artists and their audiences.

Tip: use Tourbox’s integrations to feed tour dates to Spotify, Soundcloud, Shazam and beyond.

Bandsintown for Artists

Bandsintown for Artists is one of the essential tools that makes spreading the word about events a breeze, connecting directly with fans and even keeping an eye on ticket sales. The platform integrates with your marketing tools so you can promote in a few clicks, send promoted emails, and retarget your audiences with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok. The fan manager provides data and insights to help you determine fan hubs for tour routing and fan engagement.  It's not just about making things easier; it's about creating a closer connection with fans and making the whole process of putting on a show more enjoyable and successful.

Tip: Want to learn how to leverage your data from Bands in Town for Artists to grow your booking agency? Download our free guide The Data-Driven Secrets to Growing Your Artist Booking Agency.

Artist Analytics and Reporting

Pandora AMP Playbook

Pandora's Amp Playbook is a vital tool within Pandora's Artist Marketing Platform (AMP), offering a range of reporting features to artists and booking agencies. It provides detailed audience insights, allowing for targeted marketing and informed booking decisions, and enables direct fan engagement through personalized audio messages. Users can promote content and events, benefiting from real-time tracking and data-driven decision-making. Its integration with social media amplifies its reach, and the platform's free availability makes it accessible to artists at all levels. Amp Playbook is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for connecting with fans and strategically growing an audience within the music industry.

Tip: Use the audience map in the Insights Tab to assist with artist marketing and tour routing decisions


Your Data Analytics Tool for the Music Industry

Viberate offers a wealth of music data analytics, providing booking agents with in-depth insights into artists, events, and venues. It helps agencies understand the music industry trends in 2023, measure artists' popularity, and identify potential profitable opportunities.

Its unique offering of structured, comprehensive data sets it apart and provides a competitive edge to agencies, allowing them to make well-informed booking decisions.


You’ve probably heard of ROSTR’s database of artists, managers, labels, agents, and publishers, but we want to highlight ROSTR’s data-driven insights.  Reports on trends, breaking artists, playlists, festivals, emerging companies and news are invaluable for keeping your finger on the industry’s pulse.


Your Online Monitoring Wizard

Online reputation management is a crucial aspect of any business today. Mention is a tool that helps booking agencies track their online presence effectively. It alerts you whenever your agency or your artists are mentioned online, across various platforms including blogs, forums, and social media.

With Mention, you can quickly respond to queries or comments, manage potential PR crises, and take advantage of promotional opportunities. This tool can be invaluable in helping you maintain a positive image and enhance visibility online.

Tip: Integrate Mention with Zapier to automate your online presence monitoring, such as sending slack channel messages for new mentions in Mention, or send Mentions to a Google Spreadsheet so you can drill into the data and see your online presence grow over time.

Ticket Counts Pro by Gigwell

Getting the ticket counts you need doesn't have to be a labor-intensive process. Simply set up a new tour, input the venue or box office contact, schedule the collection, and let the automated system handle the rest. The collected data will appear in your reports automatically, and you can even receive email updates on delinquent counts.

With Ticket Counts Pro, you can not only monitor current sales but also predict future ones. Its Show Forecasts feature uses a predictive algorithm, analyzing sales histories from thousands of shows to provide insights, helping agents allocate promotional efforts effectively for their clients' performances.

Visualizing show performance is made effortless with accessible graphs, tables, and reports, replacing indecipherable spreadsheets with clear insights into ticket count trends. Plus, these reports are fully customizable to your agency's brand and can be exported, transforming ticket collection from a tedious task into a potent tool for maximizing revenue for artists.



Gigwell’s comprehensive venue database has 90,000 venue buyer contacts in 13,159 cities and 163 countries. Quickly filter and search venues based on specific criteria, such as radius clauses, location, genre, capacity, and a full calendar of announced shows, making it easier to find the ideal match for an event or artist. Use the Show Forecasts feature to allocate promotional resources effectively based on predicted ticket sales. You can also visualize and analyze show performance data with user-friendly graphs, tables, and reports, making data-driven decisions to maximize revenue.

Tour IQ starts at $33 per month.

Marketing Tools


Squarespace’s drag and drop website builder is perfect for creating a website quickly, but we especially love the Bandsintown events widget and social feed widget so fans can get updates straight from your artists’ website. Display tour festival, or live stream dates from your Bandsintown profile, designed to match the look of your website.

Arming yourself with the right tools is essential in today's fast-paced booking world. Whether you're a seasoned booking agent or just starting out, these tools can drastically improve your efficiency, relationships with artists, and overall business operations.

Knowledge is power, and sharing valuable insights can elevate the entire industry. So if you found this post helpful, why keep it to yourself? Share it with other artists and booking professionals.

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