Ticket Counts Pro

Automate Ticket Count Collections  

It shouldn't take countless man-hours to get the ticket counts you need. Automate ticket collections, predict show outcome, create agency-branded market pace reports and view robust sales analytics data with the touch of a button.

It shouldn’t take hours to get the ticket sales numbers you need.


Automate ticket collection requests.

Tired of calling out to venues and box office day after day to get updated sales numbers you need? Gigwell Ticket Counts Pro enables your team to automate the ticket counts collection process.

Simply create a new tour, plug in the venue/ box office contact, set a collection schedule - and let our automated system do the rest! Collected data will automatically show up in your reports and we can even email you a list of delinquent counts.


Agency branded sales reports in seconds.

Ticket Counts Pro will help you predict sales for upcoming shows. Show Forecasts enables agents to make better-informed decisions about where to allocate both current and future promotional efforts for their clients’ shows.

Our predictive algorithm analyzes the sales histories of thousands of shows to predict where sales will ultimately end up for each show. We visualize these predictions on our Artist Dashboard via a three-tiered star system:

Full star: A show will likely come close to selling out.
Half star: A show will likely sell between 50% and 80%
No star: A show will likely sell less than half the house.


Join the world's top clubs and festivals reporting ticket counts on Ticket Counts Pro.


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  • Unlimited Tour Dates
  • Unlimited Tracked Artists
  • Agency Branded Reports
  • Show Forecasting
  • Configurable Collection Schedule
  • Premium Support

up to 25 shows


Per month, billed annually
*Monthly pricing available
*Up to 3 licenses to per account



Unlock the power of Ticket Counts Pro

  • Unlimited Tour Dates
  • Unlimited Tracked Artists
  • Agency Branded Reports
  • Show Forecasting
  • Configurable Collection Schedule
  • Premium Support
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Per month, billed annually
*Monthly pricing available 
*Up to 10 licenses per account


"Gigwell has been nothing short of a revelation for us. We're able to process bookings in double-quick time while providing effortless admin for agents, promoters & artists. Gigwell is EXACTLY what we’ve needed!"

Stuart Vallans
Marshall LIVE Agency, U.K.

"We saw a huge increase in on-time deposits with Gigwell. Manual collections was a massive resource expense, but now it's automated."

Surefire Agency, San Francisco, CA

"Gigwell has been a huge productivity booster for Cadenza and we are so grateful for their seamless system and supportive team."

Julia Torgovitskaya
Cadenza Artists, Los Angeles

"We used to have staff whose primary job was to handle contracts and deposits. With this software, we've been able to replace this position with agents who can now bring in more revenue."

Jason Marcil
Ed Keane & Associates, U.S.

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