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Free DJ Contract Template for Music Industry Professionals

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Ideal for DJs performing at venues, this sample contract is drafted by industry professionals to ensure both parties are legally covered. You can quickly download the template, fill in the necessary details specific to your event, and have it ready for both parties to sign.

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Free DJ Contract Template for Professional Venue Performances

This free DJ contract template has been crafted by experienced professionals in the music industry, and is used by touring DJs and venue or club managers. It addresses specific needs and challenges that DJs face when performing in venue settings, protecting the performer and setting clear from the start.

What To Include in a DJ Contract For Venues

DJ and Venue Information

  • DJ's name and contact details
  • Venue's name and location
  • Event date and duration

Performance Details

  • Music style and special requests
  • Technical needs and setup times
  • MC duties and event coordination

Financial Terms

  • Service fee and payment schedule
  • Deposit requirement and cancellation policy

Legal Clauses

  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Liability and insurance details
  • Cancellation and refund policies

When Should You Use a DJ Contract?

  • For regular venue gigs: all recurring gigs are covered under clear terms.
  • New venue gigs: Whenever you book a new venue, having a contract in place will formalize the engagement.
  • Updating terms with existing venues: Useful for updating or renegotiating terms of ongoing gigs.


While our DJ contract template is legally binding, we are not a law firm. Please consult your attorney to review and customize your contract before signing it to ensure it meets your specific requirements.