Introducing the Artist Essentials Software

published on
November 1, 2023

A new artist software announcement from Gigwell’s CEO, Jeremie Habib

As Gigwell celebrates a decade of success and facilitating nearly $3 billion in global bookings, I'm thrilled to announce our latest offering: the Artist Essentials.

In my role as Gigwell's CEO, I take immense pride in sharing this launch with you. Reflecting on a challenging yet vibrant decade for the live events industry, we felt inspired to create the Artist Essentials software to address the needs of self-managed artists and creators like yourself. This isn't just a booking toolbox; it's a comprehensive solution that empowers non-represented touring artists to navigate the live-events booking landscape with the necessary tools and confidence to be successful.

1. Cloud-based EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

Imagine having an interactive, digital EPK that seamlessly consolidates all the important content talent buyers want to see. Gigwell's Artist Essentials includes a cloud-based EPK integrated with an embedded booking request form. This means you can effortlessly showcase your talent and start receiving gig requests from your website or Facebook page.

An EPK template example

2. Tour IQ International Venue Database

No gatekeeping here; embrace a world of opportunities. With this feature, you can explore thousands of venues based on capacity, genre bookings, and proximity to any location. It's all about enabling artists, like yourself, to discover, connect, and nurture relationships with talent buyers directly.

An international venue database and map

3. End-to-End Booking Dashboard

The Artist Essentials software offers an intuitive and streamlined booking platform that equips artists with all the essential tools to grow their touring careers. From well-organized contacts and an integrated gig calendar to customizable templates for contracts, tech riders, and invoices, it's all at your fingertips. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with e-signatures and automated payments, ensuring that your administrative tasks run smoothly in the background.

Contract for artist gig template

We condensed a decade's worth of booking technology, once exclusive to over 600 agencies, into a package now accessible to independent touring artists like you.

The Artist Essentials software is here to empower you on your journey to success. Here's to a transformative decade of live music, and here's to your future in music.

- Jeremie Habib, CEO of Gigwell

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