Create an Artist EPK That Gets Gigs: A Comprehensive Guide with Examples

published on
August 14, 2023

In the competitive world of music, it's the smallest details that can make or break your chances of getting noticed, and that's why an EPK is so critical. Your artist EPK is the tool to get more gigs.

Create an Artist EPK That Gets Gigs: A Comprehensive Guide with Examples

What is an artist EPK?

An artist EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is like a music resume that professionals use to learn about you as an artist and your brand. This is the tool that you'll use for introducing yourself to promoters, agents, journalists, and supervisors. In the competitive world of music, it's the smallest details that can make or break your chances of getting noticed, and that's why an EPK is so critical. It's more than a collection of songs and photos; it's a representation of your brand. Your artist EPK is the tool to get more gigs.

I’m already playing gigs, do I still need an EPK?

Absolutely! Unless you're intentionally staying under the radar, an EPK is essential. A clean, organized, and info-packed EPK will make it quick and simple for someone to find the information they need about you. It’s your one-stop shop for presenting yourself professionally.

EPK Examples:

Here are DJ EPK examples, showing how two different DJs use their EPKs to highlight their unique strengths as performers.

DJ Jade,
Techno and Deep House artist from Barcelona:

Jade included an artist tech rider link in her EPK so inquirers can quickly understand her technical requirements and equipment she will need for her performance. She also included press quotes to demonstrate her industry credibility and accomplishments.

Click to view Jade's EPK

Dubfire, Techno DJ from Washington DC:

Dubfire, aka Ali Shirazinia, has an EPK that is simple, minimalist, and impressive. Ali demonstrates his widespread acclaim through his robust online followings and popular tracks in embed SoundCloud and YouTube links. Ali includes his own quote to underline his global branding and instantly-recognizable identity: "I was wearing all black as a punk rocker, it has always been my uniform."

Click to view Dubfire's EPK

Free EPK Checklist:

A great EPK isn't just about having good music. It's about presenting a cohesive and comprehensive package. Here’s our free checklist for creating a stand-out EPK as an artist:


  • Your music is paramount. Arrange your top three songs at the beginning, guided by fan feedback, streaming data or your own intuition.
  • Provide embed Soundcloud or Spotify links so the reader can play your samples without leaving your EPK
Our tip: Compile your overall plays for each song from both streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Pandora) as well as social platforms (YouTube, Tiktok, Reels) when it comes to selecting your song choices. Some songs will have more momentum on apps like Tiktok, but selecting a variety of your most-played songs from different platforms demonstrates that your music has range across all platforms.
Provide embed Soundcloud or Spotify links so the viewer can play samples without leaving your EPK

Artist photos and album art

  • Include high-quality images in different layouts.
  • Save the largest file versions in a shareable folder on Google Drive for easy access.


  • Your bio should be engaging, entertaining, and informative. Find ways to describe your act as exciting, surprising, and unique. Don’t go for generic descriptions like “Amazing”. What makes you stand out from everyone else?
  • If you’re carrying great support on your tour — hype them up! The perfect pitch is tapping into your brand, your experiences, and your future—all at the same time.
  • If writing isn't your forte, consider hiring a music writer from Fiverr or Upwork


  • Showcase your talent with music videos and live footage. This not only appeals to fans but also to promoters.
  • Provide embed music video links from YouTube and Vimeo so the viewer can view your music videos without leaving your EPK
Add embed music video links from YouTube and Vimeo


Provide links to your social media:

  • Bandsintown
  • Facebook
  • Tiktok
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Threads
Our tip: Don’t include a social link unless it demonstrates an engaged community. You don’t have to have a large following, but linking to a ghost page with zero engagement is negative marketing for yourself as an artist. In the same way, don’t link to personal accounts that have nothing to do with your music. Only provide social links that demonstrate you as a professional artist.

Provide social media links that demonstrate your brand as a professional artist

Past press

  • If you have press, use quotes to highlight what critics have said about you.
  • If you only have passionate, diehard fans...quote them!

Contact info

Here's our industry insider recommendation: don't offer your personal phone number or personal email address, it looks unprofessional and requires extra steps for a buyer to contact you. At minimum, your email address should come from a branded domain, such as But the most professional way for buyers to get in touch with you is via a booking request form, so the buyer can immediately submit a request from your EPK without having to go through extra steps.

  • Location
  • Branded professional email, or
  • Booking Request form
Our tip: Book more gigs with an EPK that can capture booking requests directly via a built-in form. Gigwell provides an easy booking request form that automatically streamlines your bookings.
A booking request form can generate more booking inquiries faster

How do I create an EPK?

There are various templates and platforms for creating an EPK, but we recommend a platform that can capture booking requests via a built-in request form. Gigwell offers a streamlined and professional template tailored for artists.

Here's how to create an EPK with Gigwell's template:

  • Sign Up for Gigwell: Start by registering on the platform, which offers an array of booking tools to help you streamline your bookings, contacts, calendars, and contracts.
  • Fill in the Basics: Add your band's biography, profile photo, relevant genres, setlist, and rider details.
Gigwell's EPK template makes it easy to quickly create a professional EPK along with a library of other templates for contracts, artist riders, and other essential docs
  • Organize Your Calendar: Keep track of your upcoming events and gigs, making it accessible for promoters to view your schedule.
  • Connect with Social Media: Link your social media profiles to highlight the size and dedication of your fanbase.
  • Add High-Quality Media: Upload your best photos, videos, and music. Gigwell's EPK allows unlimited media uploads, and quality is key.
  • Apply for Opportunities: Utilize the TourIQ venue database to find venue contact information and filter venues around the globe by size and genre.
The TourIQ venue database gives you contact information for venues around the globe

Start Booking More Gigs

Creating the perfect EPK is not just a task; it's an opportunity to define and present your brand. With platforms like Gigwell, you can craft an EPK that speaks volumes about your music and personality.

An EPK is more than a tool; it's your musical identity bundled in a digital format. It showcases not only your art but also your professionalism. Utilize all the features and opportunities provided by Gigwell to create an EPK that resonates with your audience and opens doors in the music industry.

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