Gigwell vs Stagent

published on
June 25, 2024

The comparison guide to two great software solutions for booking agencies.

Choose the artist booking software you won’t outgrow.

There’s a reason Gigwell is voted the #1 Artist Booking Software for agencies on Capterra. It’s an end-to-end solution to make your booking admin effortless, with enhanced capabilities for when you’re ready to scale.


Gigwell is a cloud-based platform that was designed to manage and automate the booking workflows of booking agencies or independent touring artists. Gigwell’s essential booking tools are designed for agencies who need software that grows with them—the software has top notch customer support and fully customizable features to take on any agency workload.


Stagent is a gig management tool to track gigs, payments, and calendars. With less capabilities for customization, Stagent helps organize booking to-do's but leaves full end-to-end integration up to you to manually setup via Zapier or creating new fields from scratch. Stagent is a great basic solution for early stage agencies or artists with basic requirements.

What sets Gigwell apart

Exclusive Global Venue Contacts Database

Access to an international venue powered by Google Maps. Fill open dates and increase your tour revenue all while incorporating venue radius clauses and capacity restrictions.

Custom roles

Create custom roles for every type of internal or external team member, so everyone can access the information they need. These views are powerful in the Gigwell iOS/Android app, where any team member can download the app and find the information pertinent to their role, even offline.

Pre-built template library

Contracts, advancing, invoicing, itinerary templates, and deal cards are pre-made for you to jump right in.

Custom agency branding

Brand all communications with your agency’s logo and branding, including contract templates, emails, payment portal, and signature portal. Your buyers will hear from you, not Gigwell.

Reliable e-signature portal

Gigwell's e-sign portal simply and reliably tracks down signatures for you without requiring you to coach your buyers through the e-signature process. It accurately reports when signatures are complete, instead of just reporting when the e-signature reminder email was opened.

Integrated contacts

Bulk import contacts and sync with Gmail to automatically find the contacts you need, without typing a single email address. Tag and group contacts so you can remember every single connection.

Interactive EPK

If an EPK is an artist’s first impression, Gigwell’s EPK shines. Showcase your best content while keeping your EPK fresh. Your content updates automatically while still maintaining full editing control. Your artist fanbase is front and center with linked social media follower counts, an integrated gig calendar, embedded audio/video players, and even a Bandsintown integration.

Embeddable EPK

Easily embed your visually-stunning EPK onto your website or Facebook page. When you only have a few moments to make a good first impression, don’t waste it on slow-loading attachments. Talent buyers can play built-in Soundcloud tracks and YouTube videos without leaving your artist EPK. You can also include links to a Tech Rider, Press Kit, and other downloads.

Built-in booking form

Book more gigs with an EPK that can capture booking requests directly via a built-in form. Talent buyers see your artist’s availabilities at a glance and send inquiries that you manage directly in your booking dashboard.

Embeddable artist roster

Gigwell helps you create a beautiful, professional booking page and electronic press kit (EPK) for each of your artists; then embed them directly to your agency website or Facebook page. The best part is this can all be managed directly from your Gigwell dashboard. You no longer need a web-developer to make changes on the fly.

Automate ticket collections

Predict show outcome, create agency-branded market pace reports and view robust sales analytics data with the touch of a button. Ticket counts and ticket scaling tiers are necessary features for agencies.

Smart Analytics

Track efficiencies, monitor growth, identify potential bottlenecks and make decisions based on your artist booking agency's data. Monitor artist settlements and merch tiers. Export analytics and reports for deeper research.

Freedom to join or move on from Gigwell

Import pre-existing data or export your data to switch to another booking software tool anytime. Your data belongs to you, so you should get to export it anytime.

Artist Booking Software Pricing comparison: Gigwell vs Stagent

Gigwell's pricing

Gigwell’s artist booking software is made to help agencies grow, so pricing is based on the number of users. A single agency user starts at $99/month. This includes unlimited bookings, access to the global venue contact database, and the iOS/Android app. Gigwell reviews say that the most valuable feature is included in every pricing tier: stellar customer support. Gigwell’s software is meant to be customized for agencies, and the top-notch customer support reflects that.

Gigwell also has a version of booking software for independent artists to use for managing their tour gigs, EPK, and expanding their tour with the global venue database. Gigwell’s Artist Essentials is $49/month.

Stagent's pricing

Stagent starts at €99/month to manage up to 10 artists. An enterprise package is available at €799/month, granting unlimited artists, API access, and a dedicated success manager. An artist/solo agent package is available at €39/month for a light version of the booking software.

Feature Gigwell Stagent
Booking and Contract Management Manages multiple artists and teams, complex bookings, contracts, and logistics with full flexibility. Manage multiple artists under one booking. A nifty little to-do list per event helps you get things done.
Online Payments Stripe Connect & Paypal connectivity supports various payment methods, with automated payment reminders. The minute a contract is signed, Gigwell automatically sends your client a direct payment link, offering them flexible payment options. Instant payment reminders save you from chasing payments. Stripe Connect for invoicing payments.
Client and Venue Relations Design-rich, customizable digital press kits with a customizable booking request portal. Custom-brand the booking portal to your agency and embed on your website or Facebook. Plain text downloadable press kit. Includes a basic website widget for booking requests.
Digital Marketing and Asset Management A visually-stunning artist roster to embed on your website. Social Media, Soundcloud, and BandsinTown metrics are synced to automatically update press kits. Basic artist roster list for internal useage only.
Analytics and Operational Insights Powerful analytics dashboard for real-time agency performance insights. Track efficiencies, monitor growth, identify potential bottlenecks and make decisions based on your company's data. Export your data for deeper insights. Track team statistics and finances with customizable fields and filters.
Calendar Google Calendar integration for building effortless itineraries with flight lookup, address completion, alerts for scheduling conflicts when synced to the artists’ personal cal, and add pickups, sound checks, and various other appointments. Add itineraries to your Apple or Google Cal. Block availability and add appointments.
Artist App IOS/Android app with push notifications allows you to work offline, anywhere. Share the app with members on your team or outside your team—designated roles automatically give every member their own custom view of sensitive information. Stagent’s desktop software is available in an IOS and Android app with push notifications.
Contacts Cloud-based contact management to tag and manage your network. Track contacts and communication so your team can view the status of any deal or relationship. Instantly integrates contacts from your work Gmail, so you don’t have to create a single contact. Create contacts in a single view.
Team Management Custom roles and views so everyone on the artist’s team has access to the information they need, and external teams only see the necessary details. Coming Soon
Contracts Cloud-based library of customizable pre-built templates for contracts, invoices, and travel documents. Send these from anywhere quickly, and streamline your administrative workflow with e-sign integration and automatic tracking of contract signatures. Build your own contract templates and set your own sending reminders. A birds-eye view of all your contracts including filters and bulk options for eg. sending reminders.
Invoices Gigwell organizes and automates all invoices and payment reminders so you don't have to track down promoters or talent buyers to get paid. Generate, send and manage invoices.
Statements Generate any type of statements including deposit, event, expenses, and settlements for artists or agents. Generate basic statements with optional custom fields.
eSignatures Streamline your administrative workflow with our custom e-sign integration and reliable automatic tracking of contract signatures. E-signature portal is custom branded with your agency’s logo. E-signature requires a phone number for verification.
Global Venue Database Map out and search through our comprehensive venue and talent buyer database, all beautifully displayed on an interactive map. Search, filter, and research venue profiles with radius clauses. None
Expenses Track artist billable and non-billable expenses like buyouts, costs, and more. Keep track of expenses and bill them to your client.
Customer Service and Support Expansive knowledge base, webinars, and 24/7 chat support with experts. Support available with enterprise pricing.
Pricing and Subscription Options Tiered pricing based on number of users, starting at $99/month. Tiered pricing based on number of artists, starting at €99 per month.

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